tip – whipping egg whites

I love making Clinton Street Baking Company pancakes, but whipping egg whites is a time-consuming task. The first time around, I used room-temp egg whites in a room-temp bowl in a room-temp room. I had to brush cobwebs off my spatula before I could flip my first pancake. They are worth the wait, but until recently, they were relegated to Weekend Breakfast Only.

Then I got to talking with one of my colleagues about all things food one day; her mother graduated with a degree in Home Economics before Home Ec was cool. I wasn’t even talking about those pancakes, and she happened to share the secret to fast whipping – an ice-cold metal bowl, no cream of tartar required. The physics makes sense – the cold bowl will slow the molecules of viscous white down enough to be able to beat air into the white quickly.

This morning (a Sunday morning), I decided to try out cold bowl whipping. I stuck my bowl in the freezer while I started prepping ingredients, pulled out the bowl once I was ready to whip the whites – and found the whites had to wait for me instead of the reverse. Goodbye Bisquick, hello mouthfuls of engineering bliss.



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