leaven and bake plan

The leaven was made at 6:45p Saturday night – 200g rye, 200g water, 1T starter. Projected bake timeline (now with adjusted times) is as follows:

Projected (Adjusted) Time
7:00a (7:00a)
7:40a (7:45a)
8:10a (8:15a)
8:40a (8:45a)
9:10a (9:15a)
9:40a (9:45a)
10:10a (10:15a)
10:40a (10:45a)
11:10a (11:15a)
11:40a (11:45a)
Mix dough
First turn
Second turn
Third turn
Fourth turn
Fifth turn
Sixth turn
Seventh turn
Eighth turn
Initial shape and bench rest
Final shape and bench proof
Preheat oven (and combo cooker) to 475 degrees
Baking – lid on
Baking – lid off

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