chad, don’t make me cockpunch you

Why did I have to read in Food and Wine that your fucking country loaf is wet, Chad? It certainly wasn’t in your book – ‘glistening’ and ‘tender crumb’ was as close as you ever got to informing your (paying!) readers that a loaf would be a bit wet, even after being fully cooked. I’ve agonized over the country loaf for years. The Fresh Loaf has scores of threads devoted to bakers who lament the moistness of their otherwise-perfect loaves.

Would it have killed you to have added that little disclaimer to your book, your video, your website? How much discouragement and self-doubt could have been prevented by one teensy little admission on your part, that people have accused your bread of being wet?

Dude, I still love you, man. Your brioche is a gift from the gods of grain and your baguette dough makes for a fantastic batard as well as the perfect base for croissants. But the baking universe owes you a massive cockpunch. Just sayin’.

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