cleanse prep: summer fruit salad with chimichurri

I’m going to end up adapting Sam Talbot’s Summer Fruit Salad, doubling the cantaloupe and watermelon and leaving the remaining ingredients as-is. I’ll keep the chimichurri and fruit mix separate until I’m ready to have a portion, and hold off commencement of eating until 3pm or so. I’ll also snag Hubby’s blood glucose testing kit and test pre- and post-prandial at 60 and 120 minutes. If it spikes my blood glucose higher than 130, I’ll pitch the remainder and just survive the rest of the night on mineral water.

Beyond my anal-retentive freakiness towards the prospect of eating fruit, I suppose I could do worse, nutrient-wise. A multi-vitamin with extra vitamins B and C is recommended during the week, which I will follow, but the extra vitamin C will certainly not be needed on Day One.

The calorie count – especially the fat calorie count – is driven by that half-cup of olive oil, which doesn’t concern me since the fat is healthy and the chimichurri is more condiment than component to the dish. But that’s a double-edged sword; I may end up locking myself in my room until Day Two, because I’m hungry, glucose-spiked and generally unfit for human interaction. Survival may be the word of the day on Day One; we shall see.


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