cleanse prep: big ass salad

The second and third days should be the easiest of the week, since I can indulge in my mainstay of non-starchy vegetables. I don’t have a sweet tooth, per se; I can turn down glorious desserts all day long without a twinge of regret. Probably the by-product of knowing how copious amounts of sweets will make me feel – offering me some luscious slice of super-sugary dessert is tantamount to offering me rat poison. Boy, that’s a warm, fuzzy little visage, ain’t it?

No, if you want to tantalize me, offer me a big, fresh salad with an interesting dressing. I like the Bistro Salad Kit from Fresh & Easy, I like putting together my own garden salads, as pictured above, when I have the time and wherewithal. Day Two of the cleanse won’t allow the former (no many no-no foods), but I can easily adapt the latter. The night before, I’ll make my shopping run to pick up:

    Red Cabbage
    Baby Carrots
    Baby Spinach
    English Cucumber
    Baby Bella Mushrooms
    Red Onions
    Baby Sweet Peppers (the pack contains, red, orange and yellow peppers)
    Heirloom Tomatoes
    Lemon (if there’s nothing ripe on our tree)

The red onions will be pickled in red wine vinegar, sugar, salt and a few dashes of Tapatio (with a nod to Deb at Smitten Kitchen). The rest will be chopped or torn into bite-sized pieces and kept, undressed, in a Tupperware container for noshing throughout the day. I don’t know whether dressing is verboten or not, nor do I particularly care – I’ll be eating my salad with a lovely Greek Dressing, and I will try not to miss the Kalamata olives and feta cheese. Instead, I’ll pat myself on the back for the hearty service of nutrients I’ll get for the day:


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