notes from a cleanse: day one (fruitopia)

The summer fruit salad with chimichurri shouldn’t work at all. Once I put the chimichurri together (in the proportion given by the Bravo TV recipe), I was both in love and terrified. The sauce is a winner; after I’m done with this defilement Eat Your Heart Out Diet, I am going to use it as a go-to marinade for chicken and skirt steak before grilling. But…I’m supposed to marinate my *fruit* in this garlicky, spicy glory? I did, dutifully tossing 300g each of cantaloupe and watermelon and 150g each of grapes and pineapple in the sauce. The garlic was wafting up from the bowl. I had backup containers of pineapple and watermelon and a few apples in the fridge, just in case it all went to shit. But it didn’t. My God, this fruit salad is GLORIOUS.

The chimichurri tames the sweetness of the fruit down to a beautiful note that mingled with the mint. The finish was of garlic and heat, but not in a bad or offensive way. #1 Boy enjoyed it with the watermelon and grapes, I found the entire mix scrumptious. My only concern at this point is whether my blood sugar is going to be jacked up. The estimated glycemic load for the entire batch is only 29 (in comparison, the load for a single Strawberry Pop Tart is 25). I took my pre-prandial reading at 1:40pm – 79, which is unsurprising since I didn’t eat anything yet. Sixty-minute post-prandial reading, after having a 250g portion of salad, was 97. I don’t feel light-headed, shaky or nauseous, so that’s good. Also no hunger pangs or cravings, which is even better. I may survive Fruitopia, after all.

Update: Post-prandial reading after 120 minutes is 83. It’s official, kids: this fruit salad has earned a spot on my regular food rotation. As long as I don’t have any meetings after I eat, I could absolutely pack this for lunch. Alternately, it will be my go-to meal before confronting vampires or anyone who sparkles naturally.


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