notes from a cleanse: day two (persistent vegetative state)

Check-in Weight: 144.8. I rinsed and repurposed a third of the fruit salad so #2 Girl and #1 Boy will eat it (that fruit fatigue is a pain), craving vegetables but not left starving. If you are not a big partaker of fruit, Day One is going to make or break you, so make sure you take steps to mask the sweetness. I will thoroughly enjoy my afternoon stir fry and evening salad and potato.

In theory, I should be doing this entire diet on a more ‘normal’ eating schedule (7am – 8pm). I might have done that today, but that would require having some of that requisite veg in the house. I used the last bit in chicken stir-fry for the family last night, so I will need to make myself presentable to the world sometime this morning and go foraging for today’s meals.

In the meantime, I have given up on Chad’s Intentionally Wet Bread and set my attention to his baguette recipe, which is less wet (total hydration 64.2%) than his country bread (total hydration 77.2%). My FrankenPoolish (pre-mixed 100% hydrated 2% yeasted AP flour and 100% hydrated leaven) is on the counter. In a few hours, I will mix up a batch of baguette dough, give it a long autolyse, knead it a bit in my mixer along with a few turns a la the King Arthur recipe (sacrilege!) and see if I can produce something that doesn’t have quite as gelatinous an interior as a ChadLoaf.


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