notes from a cleanse: day four (d-day)

Check-in Weight: 145.6.

The D is for DONE.  As I wrote yesterday, the prospect of feeding my pre-diabetic body 300g net carb with a glycemic load of 151 was enough to make me quit.  I won’t put myself through feeling as bad as that would make me feel when I still have four more days at work.  A New Year’s Eve Banana Smoothie Tasting (featuring Chiquita Banana recipes, Kiddie Taste-Testers, and periodic blood glucose readings) might be fun.

For today, though, I have brought a spinach and kale salad with tomato, red cabbage, carrots and Caesar dressing.  And a bit of shaved Parmesan cheese.  And some croutons made from my last baguette (lightly fried in olive oil).  Tonight will be mostly-vegetable stir fry with a bit of chicken.  Tomorrow, more lovely, nutritious salad topped with a bit of stir-fried chicken, shaved Parmesan and my favorite cilantro dressing from Fresh and Easy (no croutons).

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. My body behaves better when it’s fed well, so I shall say farewell to the Eat Your Heart Out Diet and leave the natural laxative adventure that is days Five and Seven to some braver, heartier soul.


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