after action report: baguette dough it is

I went through four bake cycles of various fermentation times and methods before I finally flipped the page to the Tartine Bread baguette dough and adapted it. It is certainly not just for baguettes – you can make a boule or batard, and adjust the weight of AP and bread flour used to vary the texture.

This makes two baguettes, one batard or one boule:

200g leaven
2g active dry yeast
125g water (75 degrees)
87g bread flour
163g all-purpose flour
6g salt

I broke out the mixer and gave ‘er the hook to bring the dough together (Stir on my Kitchen Aid), then let it autolyse for 30 minutes. To speed bulk fermentation, I cranked it up to 8 until the dough released from the sides of the bowl. I gave it three turns, once every 40 minutes, then shaped it into a rectangle, placed it on parchment paper and let it bench proof for an hour before baking shielded in a cold oven set to 450 for 30 minutes, then unshielded at 450 for 20 minutes.

572g pre-bake dough weight (with losses). The finished bread came out feeling light, so I knew it was a good bake, and the post-bake weight confirmed it – 473g, 82.6% of dough weight. Considering that 225g of water was in the dough, losing 45% of the water weight during baking was great.

I should have pre-shaped the dough and let it bench rest before final shaping, and I should have let the final-shaped dough proof for another 30 minutes or so before baking, but after pulling paver after paver out of my oven, I was tired of baking. No matter, though – this is a loaf that makes me want to dig my meatballs out of the freezer.


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