a random act of kindness

I was at Vons the other day, contrary to my better instincts, because Amazon Fresh still doesn’t deliver alcohol. Vodka in hand, along with three other items, I went to the checkout lanes and saw that the express lane was closed.  Fine, no big deal, I wasn’t in a rush. I stepped into a line behind two women, one of whom had a lot of groceries and the other of whom had two or three items.

Three Item Lady and I exchanged a comment about how the express lane was closed, not that it was anything against the woman in front of us with a lot of groceries. It wasn’t her fault that Vons can’t keep it’s fucking express lane open. By that time, a gentleman had queued up behind us, with a couple of items in hand.

The lady in the front of the line, who hadn’t begun being checked out, turned around to see three people behind her who had (in total) about a 10th of the groceries that she herself had, and performed one of those little random acts of kindness that make even the worst days much, much better.

She let all three of us go ahead of her – and allowed one more to go as well, who had just stepped into line behind us with just a couple of items.  She commented about how she had no particular place to be at the moment, and she too, would get frustrated when the express lane was closed and she only had a few items but still had to wait in a long line.

We all thanked her profusely for kindness, and vowed to pay it forward.

Hopefully, I can find a chance to do so, before it becomes a fucking holiday cliched moment.  Hope springs eternal.


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