and so, it begins

This will be updated with notes. After I have coffee. Until then, the day has begun, I have a battle plan, the beach head has been secured.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Notes: what works

  • Prepping the kitchen – spent the run-up to T-Day cleaning out and organizing the kitchen. Not all at once, either – I would simply tackle a drawer, a cupboard, a counter area. This morning, I was greeted with harmony and order – a welcome feeling for a ten-hour KP shift.
  • Timing everything – in previous years, I would schedule key dishes that are time-sensitive (turkey and rolls), then attack all other dishes in the interim. This year, I decided to map out when all dishes would be prepared, which allowed me to arrange things so I only need to focus on one dish (and occasionally, a minor task) at a time.
  • Mis en place – anything that could be done ahead of time, I did. Chopping herbs/veg, staging pans, lining baking sheets, putting together (and sifting) the dry part of my cake mix into a baggy.
  • Posting recipes and notes – prep work, timing and recipes were written out on index cards and posted on my fridge. It’s out of the way, but still convenient to refer to.

Notes: what doesn’t work

  • I’m superstitious – if I don’t acknowledge that stuff might not work, Fate might be tempted to take me on a journey through cooking hell, reminiscent of my pre-SGG days. So, this is a placeholder for the (hopefully not) inevitable.


I hate them. Passionately. Since my eldest and her dude are in Greece (closer to Turkey than turkey, I imagine), it’s just me and two small mouths to feed. Still making a full meal, though – the remains will be packed up and driven out to the BFE tomorrow, to share with my best friend and his family (who elected not to cook, because he is over it). Two T-Days for the price and effort of one; I’m good with that!


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