notes from a cleanse: day one (fruitopia)

The summer fruit salad with chimichurri shouldn’t work at all. Once I put the chimichurri together (in the proportion given by the Bravo TV recipe), I was both in love and terrified. The sauce is a winner; after I’m done with this defilement Eat Your Heart Out Diet, I am going to use it as a go-to marinade for chicken and skirt steak before grilling. But…I’m supposed to marinate my *fruit* in this garlicky, spicy glory? I did, dutifully tossing 300g each of cantaloupe and watermelon and 150g each of grapes and pineapple in the sauce. The garlic was wafting up from the bowl. I had backup containers of pineapple and watermelon and a few apples in the fridge, just in case it all went to shit. But it didn’t. My God, this fruit salad is GLORIOUS.

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cleanse prep: summer fruit salad with chimichurri

I’m going to end up adapting Sam Talbot’s Summer Fruit Salad, doubling the cantaloupe and watermelon and leaving the remaining ingredients as-is. I’ll keep the chimichurri and fruit mix separate until I’m ready to have a portion, and hold off commencement of eating until 3pm or so. I’ll also snag Hubby’s blood glucose testing kit and test pre- and post-prandial at 60 and 120 minutes. If it spikes my blood glucose higher than 130, I’ll pitch the remainder and just survive the rest of the night on mineral water.

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