roasted tomato and garlic pasta sauce

I’m not afraid to make anything from scratch.  I bake croissants from my own starter. I know how to brine and roast fowl to perfection.  I can put together a tart crust that can spend months in the freezer and still taste fresh upon use.  I can cook a piece of beef (give me a cut, I know how to make it edible).  I can make Béchamel and Velouté – and I know how to turn it those sauces into Mornay and Poulette, respectively.  I don’t make tomato sauce from scratch.

I have made it from canned tomatoes, but I have never looked several pounds of tomato in the eye and said, “You and me, baby.  We’re gonna make something special.”  It looks like ‘special’ has found me.  A contributor to Dr. Beverly Berkeley’s blog, Refuse to Regain has a recipe for tomato sauce that sounds dee-vine.  Once I get through this defilement Cleanse, it will be put into use.  I have a bag of meatballs in the freezer (I made them, adapting the Tartine recipe; they are fantastic).  I’m close on the baguette – I need a longer final resting time and a cooler baking temp, since the non-convection half of my oven is a tiny arsonist.  Sometime next week, as I go insane take a staycation from work, I will make the family meatball sandwiches.  It will be awesome.


cleanse prep: miracle soup, refined

Check-in Weight: 144.8

As I reflect on my failed attempt to defile myself adhere to The Eat Your Heart Out Diet, I find myself in turn inspired and repulsed (perhaps, inspired by repulsion) by the vaguely suggested daily menu menu. The most frightening day of all is the last day. Had I not been wooed by a woman bearing tawny port and roasted Gorgonzola crackers, I’d have been sipping on this pot of natural laxative today. Bless the gods of fortified wine and snack foods, I have been spared the Miracle Soup. I’m going to steal create a more palatable version of it after the jump.
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